If you are someone who has researched gold coins at least once, then you might have come across "Krugerrand gold coins".

Named after a former South African president, Stephanus Johannes Paul Kruger, these coins are still quite popular and in demand. Paul Kruger served as the president of South Africa from 1883 to 1900.

He played a major role in the movement and therefore has a gold coin named after him. The observe of the Krugerrand gold coin has been stamped with his face, while the reverse has a specific species of antelope called the "Springbok Antelope", which is a national symbol of the respective country.

Reason Behind its Minting

The Krugerrand was minted back in 1967. As mentioned before, it was minted in the honor of Paul Kruger. But this isn't the only thing that sets it apart. It was the first of its kind to contain exactly one ounce of fine gold.

Variations of the Krugerrand

After the minting of the very first Krugerrand back in 1967, several other versions of it started being minted in 1980.

These versions were smaller than the original and consisted of the following variants:

  • Half ounce Krugerrand
  • Quarter ounce Krugerrand
  • One-tenth ounce Krugerrand

All versions of the Krugerrand are minted to this day for collectors to own and buy. Gold coin collectors and professionals often call the original the ?one-ounce? Krugerrand because of its gold content.

How and Where to Purchase Krugerrands from

Just like any other gold coin, you can purchase your very own Krugerrand from any auction house or a popular coin dealer who you trust.

It is also worth noting that if design and aesthetics matter to you when it comes to gold coins, then the Krugerrand might not interest you. This is because it was never made to be added as a ?collective coin?.

If you wish to find something with a more "beautiful" design or look to it, then go for other alternatives such as the British Sovereign gold coin or the Canadian Maple.