There are two wars going on in the world at present. The sacrificial lamb for the real war is Ukraine. The real war being waged is an all-out economic war orchestrated by the same architect of the conflict in the former territory of the Soviet Union. The Russian President Vladimir Putin has been swiftly increasing gold reserves since 2017. With the help of China, has begun divesting itself of dependency on the United States Dollar by selling natural resources to their neighbor in rubles, gold, and bitcoin. Early in 2021, Russia announced that they would completely eliminate the USD from their foreign exchange fund. This was accomplished in less than three months. This should be viewed as the first shot in the first Economic World War. Vladimir Putin must be a Chess Master as his moves are extremely calculated and he thinks three to four moves ahead. While the end game is not known, for a superpower to purposely isolate itself from the World Economy, he must know what sanctions will be imposed and steer the world in the directions that he wishes.

Over the weekend, Russia announced they would be accepting rubles for all international transactions for exported natural resources. This was met early on Monday morning with resistance and shouts by the west. The United States Hegemony is dead. And none of this would have been possible without an invasion into a sovereign neighboring nation.

There is no way to predict what the end game will look like. It is true there was a Summit in June of 2020 called the “The Great Reset.” The Great Reset was the title given to the annual World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland attended by 1,200 delegates from 60 countries. Whether the purpose was to look for a way to usher in a “great financial reset”, look for an opportunity to implement a “new world order”, or to diabolically set the plan in motion, no one will ever know for sure. What is for sure is that the economic makeup of the world will not look the same tomorrow as it does today. If we are to learn from the past and from the more recent events unfolding, gold will too, never be the same. And as it has been said, those who have the gold will make the rules.

It is unclear what gold’s purpose will be in this new fair and equal distribution of wealth but the fact that Russia spent four years collecting the yellow metal for its coffers to move into number five on the most gold held by foreign nations list should be the first clue. The second clue should be that China has not had a reported change in their gold holdings since 2015 when they formally increased their declaration by 600 tons. What will it be when they are ready to announce another increase? The top five holders of gold are as follows. United States. - 8,134 tons, Germany - 3,364 tons, Italy - 2,453 tons, France - 2,436 tons, Russia - 2,299 tons, China - 1,948 tons. This should be our third clue. For Russia to threaten the world with backing the Ruble in gold, $1,950.00 per ounce is not going to help it on bit.

We believe the United States to be fiscally irresponsible. And by all accounts we are. In some ways by choice, in some ways because the world relies on the dollar to be the reserve currency of the world. If we compare just the three loudest countries in M2 money supplies, you will see a conundrum for China and Russia. The M2 money supply is the measure of all liquid and nonliquid -currency in circulation. The United States currently has approximately $20 Trillion in M2. Russia, three times as much with 66 Trillion Rubles, and China with a whopping and staggering 238 Trillion Yuan measured by the same yard stick. If Russia is successful in backing the Ruble with gold and bitcoin, it would have to be many, many multiples of $1,950.00. Even if it was just a fractional relationship to gold. The United States and all Americans who own any form of the shiny yellow asset would be the benefactors of any such move.

Today more than ever the strength and necessity of gold and gold coins in one’s portfolio is shining brighter than ever as we watch the world leaders move the pieces around the board. Gold and Silver are the only real money. TODAY is not the day to make high risk moves in your retirement savings. The American people will not get an email telling us what is coming. It will be announced after it happens. Make your moves as swiftly as the world is changing around you. Precious Metals are your insurance in times of geo-political unrest and war. Militarily and Economically. Don’t be caught off guard when EWWI lands on our shores. Call your GMR Gold representative today.