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Do you sell leveraged gold and silver products?

Absolutely not. The majority of leveraged gold and silver dealers have been shut down by various states, but there are still a few that remain under different business models. Leveraged gold and silver dealers will sell you precious metals "on margin".

In one of these accounts, the dealer lends you money to buy gold, on the assumption that gold will go up faster than the rate of interest on the loan. In other words, if you call with $5K, they’ll give you another $20K in credit to make a $25K total purchase of gold bullion.

The sales pitch is that since we all know gold is going up, you might as well maximize your returns by leveraging up. What they don’t often mention is what happens if gold goes through a correction. You’ll likely be asked to send in more cash for a "margin call." If you don’t, they’ll sell your gold for a substantial loss.

Run and run fast if a dealer starts talking to you about leverage deals!

Do you have a product guarantee?

Yes, absolutely. If a dealer is not willing to guarantee all products they sell for purity and authenticity do NOT buy from them! We offer all of our clients an Authenticity Guarantee, which covers counterfeit protection and prevention measures in place to protect our clients.

How do you test the items I purchase to make sure everything is legitimate?

Counterfeits are increasing in both quantity and quality. We have invested in the best digital authentication equipment available. In addition, we purchase items through the largest and most reputable wholesalers in the world. Please feel free to discuss this topic with one of our private advisors at your convenience.

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