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Can I open a new IRA with a contribution?

Yes, you can open a new IRA with a contribution. Your annual contribution limit will remain the same.

Who holds the precious metals in my IRA?

Your GMR Gold private advisor will help you select an IRS approved precious metals custodian that will manage your physical precious metals at a designated depository. At your direction, an IRS-approved precious metals custodian manages your physical precious metals. The custodian will provide you with consistent reporting on your precious metals IRA and earnings.

What’s the difference in Precious Metals ETFs vs. Precious Metals IRAs?

A precious metals ETF is best suited for investors and traders that desire to move in and out of markets quickly. ETFs are a paper instrument with counter party risks, and do not allow you to take physical possession of your gold and silver. On the other hand, owning physical precious metals is better suited to individuals that want to buy gold and silver and hold it longer term. If you own the physical precious metals within your self-directed IRA, you always have the option of taking physical possession of the actual gold and silver.

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