In 2007, the world was introduced to its first and very special silver coin, the Brigantine Tall Ships $20 Silver Coin.

What Does Brigantine Mean?

Before we learn more about what made the coins so special, let's take a look at what Brigantine actually means.

A brigantine is a vessel containing two masts. These masts are rigged in various shapes but at least one of them is a square. However, prior to this, the word brigantine usually referred to a small-sized ship that constitutes both oars and a sail.

The word originated from the Italian word, ?brigantino?, which meant Brigand?s ship. The ship used to be popular among Mediterranean pirates.

Going back even further in the history of Brigantine, the Royal Navy used the word, or a shortened version of it (brig) while referring to a pair of masted vessels.

These vessels were suitable for both rowing and sailing.

Brigantine Tall Ships $20 Silver Coin

This coin was a part of a special collection that featured traditional tall ships. Every coin in the collection was made of 99.99% pure silver and each featured a special hologram design.

The 2006 version of the $20 silver coin featured the Brigantine. You will find an image of two ships sailing into the port of Halifax, located in Nova Scotia, on the coin.

Bonnie Ross designed the holographic finish on the reverse, and Susanna Blunt designed the front, which has an image of the Effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.

Here?s everything you need to know about this coin:

99.99% pure silver
31.39 grams
Face Value

This coin is widely popular among collectors. You can easily find one on the internet.