If you want the world to know you own silver coins then consider getting your hands on a silver coin bezel.

Silver coin bezel is a coin frame that protects the coin from wear and damage. The interesting thing is that you can attach a chain with the bezel and use it as a piece of jewelry (pendant).

This jewelry or device is a circular ring that has a screw type closure that ensures that the coin is securely enclosed and fit for daily wear. This screw can be used to accommodate different coin sizes.

Look for a bezel design that perfectly suits your coin. In order to ensure durability of the silver coin bezel, look for material that is an alloy of silver with some other metals, for example copper.

Do not go for 100% silver as it can get tarnished and disfigured easily. The amalgamation of silver with copper increases its durability and hardness.

Getting the right silver coin for your bezel is also very important. Avoid using coins of great value as getting silver coins mounted can cause their prices to drop.

Check the material of your coin because wear and tear can reduce the price of your coin. Only use coins that do not go above $10 per troy ounce in value. This will ensure you do not have to face any loss.

People opt for bezels because they look good, if you?re interested in one then look around and pick what fits you.