What’s the Best Way To Buy Gold and Silver Coins or Bars Online?

The precious metals industry has finally caught up with the times. There are a few very reputable online commerce sites where one can buy gold or silver bars. We’d like to use this opportunity to walk you through the differences in precious metals companies and their respective ecommerce platforms.

Many ecommerce sites make it easy to buy gold or silver coins or bars online. In general, your experience will be similar to other ecommerce sites that you regularly shop on. The real difference is service - especially service after the sale.

Most of the companies spending millions in ads to lure you to their sites offer little to no service after the sale. You are only a number - hint - look for companies bragging about the number of new clients they are acquiring. They base their sales on volume which means (regardless of what they tell you) they have little or no time to truly advise you. They get your money and wait for the next order. This leaves you out in the open trying to make hard decisions on your own - and this is no way to do business in our humble opinion.

Our clients matter. We prefer a smaller number of clients so we have the time to spend with you answering all your questions and working with each individual client to meet or exceed expectations. The truth is it’s sometimes hard to tell which precious metals firm to choose - we know. With over 90% satisfaction rate, we pride ourselves in being there for our clients. If you need an hour on the phone with your advisor, or a call on the weekend, we are there for you - and that’s the main difference in onli precious metals firms.

When you pick a precious metals firm ensure you select a firm who is established and reputable. Choose one that offers you a personal advisor - see if the advisor will be available for you when you need them. Look for a firm that has been around for many years, and has their full contact address and other information clearly displayed on the site.

Buying gold or silver coins and bars online is fun, and is generally very safe - assuming you choose your precious metals firm wisely.

Remember - "take care of your money and your money will take care of you."

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