What are the Best Buys Right Now for Gold Bullion Coins?

Probably the number one question we get from our clients is, “What should I buy?”

Depending on the current market, we hand pick the best diversification product for our clients and advise accordingly. However, we usually always include one of the best buys for gold bullion coins and bars, which is any 99.99% one ounce gold coin or bar - bullion is a good foundation to any portfolio.

The most popular choice of most investors is the American Gold Eagle, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, and the South African Krugerrand. All of these coins contain one ounce of gold, and are over 90 percent fine.

It should be noted that, where the gold maple leaf is 24 karat gold, the gold eagle and the Krugerrand are 22 karat gold. Despite this, the popularity of the gold eagle and Krugerrand have never faded.

For new coin collectors and investors, these coins make a great start to any collection. All of these coins are easily transported, stored and can be sold quickly if so desired. They are all accepted as legal forms of currency in their own country.

Current prices for gold coins and bars fluctuate with the market, and the price will vary as the price of gold varies. When buying gold coins or bars you should always find a reputable firm to represent you. We pride ourselves in serving our clients and are proud of our 95% certified approval rating. We have a client-first philosophy and it is the reason we are one of the fastest growing precious metals firms in the world. How can we serve you?