Most coin collectors choose between gold and silver coins. Most people choose either of the two as their preferred way of investment, but there are benefits to be had for purchasing both.

A diverse collection offers several advantages. It helps absorb price fluctuations better as with one metal; you're always on the lookout if the prices drop for that particular metal.

Consequently, if you can buy both gold and silver coins, you have a better chance of your investment turning out to be a safe one. Silver understandably has less value per ounce and thus is easier to sell instead of a one-ounce gold coin.

Carrying gold coins is more manageable; however, selling them may not be so easy. Therefore, a diverse portfolio containing both gold and silver coins will be rewarding in terms of quick liquidity. But, it doesn't mean gold is any less liquid. In fact, some reports suggest that it is more liquid than silver.

Circumstances dictate what and when you sell, but some gold coins such as American Gold and Silver Eagles remain valuable for years to come. Similarly, Canadian Maple Leaf coins are an excellent investment, and so are Krugerrands and British Sovereign Coins.

Chinese Panda Coins are another variety that fetches you excellent value on your investment.

All these coins are quite famous and are available for purchase in the one-ounce category with a .999 fineness. They tend to increase in value over time and are visually appealing as well.

Make sure to choose a reliable investment so you can make a good profit.