The Austrian Gold 100 Coronas coin has historical significance as well as an attractive design. This coin, along with only a few others, made history by becoming available on the world market soon after Americans regained the right to hold physical gold. Before it was reprinted as a bullion coin, the gold Coronas was a circulated coin. 

The design of the 100 Coronas coin is another element relating to history, as the obverse features an image of Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I, who ruled Austria from 1848 to his death in 1916. Franz Joseph’s diamond jubilee was held in 1908, the first year the 100 Coronas coin was released.

However, the real value of investing in this coin has more to do with quality and efficiency. Since the 100 Coronas gold coin is a common date coin, it has several benefits that enhance its value. Due to the extremely low premiums on the 100 Coronas gold coin, each dollar you spend on it buys more gold content. It is easy to sell, appealing to investors and collectors alike. 

The circulated coronas coin has not been issued since 1915, but the coin has been reprinted as a bullion coin. The Austrian 100 Coronas is a high-quality coin, struck beautifully and precisely in .9 pure gold at the world-renowned Austrian Mint.  With nearly a full troy ounce of gold, this coin offers value and savings to those savvy enough to invest.

The Austrian 100 Coronas coin is a favorite among investors looking for a good deal in gold bullion. Its excellent quality and inexpensive premiums make it a true standout.

Investing in common date coins such as the Austrian Gold 100 Coronas coin is the most efficient way to get more gold for your dollar. Because the intrinsic value of gold tends to remain high despite market fluctuations, it is the safest way to set aside money for the future. While paper currency is dependent on such ephemeral issues like faith in the government and world perception of the currency’s country, gold is always gold – anywhere, any time. 

Your Investment Options

  1. Diversify your existing precious metals holdings with this high-quality bullion coin.
  2. If you are new to investing, choose the Austrian Gold 100 Coronas coin as your first-world coin.
  3. Consider buying the 100 Coronas coin to set aside as a hedge against inflation.
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Coin Specifications

Weight  1.08 Troy Ounce/Purity .900 Fine Gold/Common Date