If you are into gold coins, you would probably already be aware of the oddly shaped Augustus Humbert $50 gold coins.

These are one of the most expensive coins available on the market. They sold for 290,000 US Dollars in 2011 due to their distinct shape, as they are octagonal (eight-sided).

Originally they were supposed to be used by minors and were called 'ingots' due to their heavyweight and face value of 50 US Dollars.

With the passage of time, they gained more popularity by the name of 'slugs' because of their peculiar size.

In 1954, the government decided to discontinue its circulation. To date, there are only 40 of these are known to exist.

These Augustus Humbert $50 gold coins do not have a fixed price, as it majorly depends on their condition, mint quality, and age.

Broadly, it might be within the range of 10,000 US Dollars to 250,000 US Dollars.

The high demand for rare and unusual gold coins is probably due to the fun attached to finding and collecting them, as they are not so widely available. Moreover, they also have a history attached to them, which only increases the worth of the collectors' coin collection. It can be quite hard to come by these coins as very few people are willing to sell these.

So, if you ever happen to come across any of such unusual and rare gold coins, make sure to add them to your collection to enhance the value of your coin collection. You might even be able to sell it for a profit in the future.