Adolph A manufactured the American Silver Eagle Proof Coin in 1916 and in 1986 the US mint selected the design of "Walking Liberty" for it.

Despite being an old coin, it's still quite in demand and does well among investors. This coin consists of 99.9 ounces of pure silver which makes it worth one US Dollar.

The process of minting this coin is highly specialized; it uses a special die and is struck a number of times before undergoing scrutiny to make sure that it is manufactured perfectly. After this, it is protected in a bubble wrap and finally put in the linen case for any trade.

Anyone who buys this coin needs to ensure that the packaging is original and it is not tempered with. Coins that do not come with original packaging are not in demand, so it is important that you're careful. Along with the packaging and the linen case, it is also important for the coin to have a certificate of originality or authenticity.

Of all the silver coins produced by the US mint, Silver Eagle Proof coins are considered the most aesthetically ones, which is why the US mint continues to manufacture these.

You will also find a Brilliant uncirculated version of these coins but they can easily get damaged if not protected in the plastic packaging, which can drastically affect the value of the coin. Consider this beauty if you are serious about coin collection.