Why Do Some Investors Believe the American Gold Eagle Coin is the Best Choice for Diversifying a Portfolio

Depending on who you're speaking with, you might hear someone saying American gold eagle coins are probably the most popular gold coin in the world. They often share with the person they’re speaking with the fact that American gold eagle coins are official legal tender gold coins in the US and, by law, are produced from gold mined only in the US. They further opine they are considered one of America's most beautiful coins. And conclude with the fact Americans purchase more American gold eagle coins than any other gold coin year after year.

The gold eagle coins are struck with 91.67% (22 Karat) fine gold. The total gold weight of the coin is stamped on the reverse of each coin. Special dies are designed to show minute details of the coins, and are used to illustrate the radiant golden shimmering glow in the light.

All American gold eagle coins are minted to exacting standards. They are available in 4 sizes, 1/10th, ¼, ½, and 1 ounce, suitable to fit any budget. As gold is a comparatively soft metal, most coins contain a very small amount of alloy of copper and silver, as well as the stated amount of gold, to improve hardness and resist scratching.

One unique aspect of the American gold eagle coin is that it is the only coin where the weight, gold content and purity are all guaranteed by the US Government, which means that investors can buy and own the coins with confidence knowing that they do truly own a true diversification tool.

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