Buying gold coins is not just a hobby but also a worthwhile investment. However, when beginners put their foot in the world of buying and selling gold coins, they find themselves a bit lost because of the vastness of the domain.

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin

There are a variety of different gold coins to choose from, each of them varying from the other based in terms of size, value, looks, and history. All these factors matter as they don?t only affect the present but also the future value of a coin.

If you find this too intimidating then worry not, there are a couple of rules which can make the process easier for beginners.

The first step is to shortlist the type of coins you want to invest in, which primarily depends upon your choice as well as your budget.

You can search for this on the internet and see all the different coins available out there. There are around 45 mints in the world that are manufacturing gold coins. You will have dozens of options to choose from including some antique coins that are not in production anymore.

Apart from searching for the right type of coin, you can also search about online dealers, their services, charges, terms and conditions, and other related information.

It is advised to get your hands on an entire collection or set of coins, instead of individual coins if your budget permits. You can start with proof sets but make sure to only buy coins that come with authenticity documents.

They're not only required to verify the genuineness of coins but will also be needed when you decide to sell your coins.