What is a Solid Silver Coin?

A solid silver coin, as the name suggests, is a coin that is made of 100% pure silver. The term "solid silver" in terms of precious minerals refers to how pure a bar of silver is.

More commonly, Solid Silver coins are also called 999 Silver Coins. This term is famous among purchasers and sellers of silver coins.

Types of 999 Silver Coins

There are a number of different silver coins for purchase. The only thing you need to keep an eye out for when purchasing silver coins is how pure they are.

Most people go for a 999 silver coin such as the ?Guernsey Eight Double one-ounce? fine silver coin. It?s said to be authentic and purer than other options.

Origination of the Guernsey Eight Double One-Ounce Silver Coin

The name Guernsey originates from the French word "Bailliage de Guernesey", which is a special island that is a part of the British Dependency.

With a warm temperature thanks to its neighboring gulf stream, this island is also home to some of the finest sources or mints of pure silver and gold.

Another thing that sets this silver coin apart from the rest is its ancient seal.

Unlike other countries, the State of Guernsey uses a Guernesiais motif - a 1279 seal of King Edward I. The original seal featured three English lions, crowned later to become leopards, with a branch to represent the King's badge of rank.

The coin also features 'Guernesey' in French, which was the island?s official language back in the day.

First minted in 1830, the coin serves as legal tender. Available in different variations, its distribution came to a stop in 1966.

In case you are planning on purchasing a Guernsey Eight Double silver coin then it will probably cost you around $25. In Britain, you can easily purchase this pure silver coin for a price of £15.

Specifications of the 999 Guernsey Pure Silver Coin

Troy Weight
1 troy ounce
Weight in Grams
31.103 grams
999 fine silver
Coin Edge


Collectors of fine silver coins would find this coin a valuable addition to their collection because even though they were minted for a good number of years, their existence and availability is limited.