Many investors want to have a large number of smaller Gold bars to add flexibility to their Precious Metals holdings but like the convenience of ordering a larger Gold bar. The 50 x 1 Gram Gold Combibar from Valcambi satisfies both needs.

As a 50 gram Combibar from Valcambi in Assay, the large Gold bar is easy to stack and store. From the first Valcambi Combibar you add to your collection, you have significantly increased your Gold holdings. In one quick order and one shipment, you can add a full 50 gram Gold bar, as attested to by the Assay card included. The large bar features the Valcambi Suisse Logo, along with the 50 gram weight and the .9999 purity, along with a unique serial number, all across the entire obverse of the bar and comes sealed in a single sturdy case.

When you turn the bar over to see the reverse, you can find 50 identical 1 gram bars, each labeled with the same unique serial number, along with their 1 gram weight and purity. However, this is not just a visual design. The 1 gram Gold bars can actually be broken off at the guides should you ever have the need for smaller bars. If paper currency ever fails, this feature could prove to be invaluable.

To learn more about the 50 x 1 gram Gold Combibar from Valcambi Suisse in Assay, speak to our GMR Gold Precious Metals Investment Experts at 1 (877) 795-9585. GMR Gold experts can help guide you as you begin investing in Gold or Silver, or add to an existing store of Precious Metals. A moral and responsible company, GMR Gold has the customer?s best interests in mind with every call.