Collecting and investing in .9999 fine silver coins are pursuits typically reserved for adults, but the new 2016 1 oz. Silver Canadian Shield Coin Superman Design may change all that. It is a coin both adults and their kids can enjoy. And, if you want your child to learn about precious metals, it makes a great starting point. This coin has several advantages over other coins you might choose for your children or grandchildren.

You Love It and So Do Your Kids

Comic book heroes are fun for children and adults alike. For adults, Superman brings back memories from childhood and may even be a current interest. For children, the Man of Steel represents a force for good in the world, and a very cool one at that. The 2016 Canadian Shield Silver Superman coin not only reminds us of this iconic figure, but the Superman symbol at the center of the reverse shines boldly, set against a sparkling radial line design.

They Respect Superman Tremendously

One thing you might want to teach children about coin collecting is to take especially good care of the coin to keep it in its original condition. Because they respect the heroic ideals of this comic book legend, they are more likely to treat the Canada Silver 1 oz. Silver Superman coin with the same respect.

It Is an Authentically Valuable Possession

Parents sometimes try to instill responsibility by giving their children "practice" gifts that have no real monetary value. However, when you give them a 1 ounce fine silver coin from the Canadian Mint, you are giving them the real thing. You are placing an awe-inspiring trust in them, a fact that will not escape them in later years when they have built their own collection or investment portfolio.

If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please feel free to contact our GMR Gold Precious Metals Investment Experts at 1 (877) 795-9585. We are happy to explain more about the benefits of the 1 oz. Silver Canadian Shield Superman coin, as well as any other gold and silver investments you are considering.