The 2016 1 oz. Gold Canadian Maple Leaf coin's design makes it easier than ever to recognize as authentic. The Canadian maple leaf in the center of the reverse would have always been difficult for fraudulent sellers to duplicate. The intricate details of the leaf can be checked against a reference very quickly to determine if the design is as it should be.

Now, the coin is even more secure. The 2016 Canada 1 oz. Maple Leaf has a radial pattern of lines that surround both obverse and reverse central images. The RCM is well known for its precisely struck, high quality coins, so a coin that does not show the radial lines intact would be questionable at best.

The maple leaf privy mark offers more security. Since the privy mark contains the last two digits of the coin?s year, there can be no confusion about the date of the coin or its authenticity as a Canadian bullion product.

In addition, anyone who has examined a .9995 gold coin may be able to tell the difference between it and less pure examples. 24-karat gold is fairly soft, so if it has been handled, it is not only less valuable as a collectors coin, but also should show signs of wear more than a less pure coin.

If you have any doubts about the Gold Canadian 1 oz. Maple Leaf you are considering buying is a true example of that coin, contact our GMR Gold precious metals investment experts at 1 (877) 795-9585 to find out more about the security features on gold and silver coins. We always look forward to interacting with our customers to provide them with the best customer experience available anywhere.