There can be no doubt that the 2016 1 oz. Gold American Eagle is a valuable coin. In addition to the beautiful design based on the Saint-Gaudens double eagle design, this bullion coin has value as a precious metals investment option. When looking at the coin, new investors are often confused by the inscription on the reverse that reads "50 Dollars." What does this mean, and does it have anything to do with the value of the coin?

The face value of the coin is indeed $50. That means it is a sovereign coin. It also means in this case that the U.S. government guarantees its weight to be exactly 1 troy ounce and its purity to be 0.9167 fine gold. If paper currency failed, the coin would still have value in trade.

The intrinsic value of the Gold American Eagle is much different from its face value. This intrinsic value is tied to the spot price for gold on the market. Since the 2016 1 oz. Gold American Eagle is of the same weight unit as the market, its intrinsic value is easy to track.

In addition to the face and intrinsic value, the price of the American Gold Eagle coin may also include the buyers? and sellers? interests in making a transaction. This, of course, is true of anything that is bought and sold.

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