The 2016 1 oz. Gold American Buffalo is a newer example of the coin that was first released in 2006. Although the Gold American Eagle is often considered first as American bullion, the Gold Buffalo is quite different and has its own advantages.

The Gold American Buffalo, in 2016 as in all years since 2006, is a .9999 fine gold bullion coin. As such, it is far more popular with investors on the global market who are mainly interested in pure gold content. While it has been around for fewer years than the Eagle, the Buffalo coin has sold amazingly well during the decade since its first striking. At one point, in 2008, the U.S. Mint even stopped producing the American Gold Buffalos for a time, simply because they could not keep up with the demand.

The 2016 American Gold Buffalo also features a design that speaks volumes about the true history of the United States. The Indian head featured on its obverse, designed to combine the characteristics of three Native American chiefs, is a tribute to the residents that were already on the North American continent before European settlers arrived.

The bison image on the reverse of the 2016 Gold American Buffalo coin comes straight from James Earle Fraser?s drawing of a real specimen of that species, a shaggy buffalo named Black Diamond that Fraser saw at the Bronx Zoo.

The 2016 1-oz. Gold American Buffalos have proven to be just as popular as the American Eagle, and even more favored among investors. If you would like to learn more about this fascinating bullion coin or other gold or silver options, please feel free to call GMR Gold precious metals investment experts at 1 (877) 795-9585 for a complimentary consultation.