GMR Gold is pleased to offer 10 oz. Generic Silver Bars for Silver bullion investors interested in getting the most silver for their dollar. These bars were minted at private mints around the time of the 1979-1980 silver rush. As the buying frenzy ended, production slowed down. Although many of the silver mints closed after the rush was over, these generic Silver bars still exist and now belong to private investors.

Because these Silver bars are generic, their cost over the spot price of Silver is the lowest for Silver bullion on the Precious Metals market. In fact, investing in such silver bars is the least expensive way to buy Silver. Their distinguishing feature, rather than a specific design, is the value of their Silver content.

Because they have no numismatic value, these generic 10 oz. Silver bars are extremely unlikely to see the large price losses and gains that collectible coins typically do. Instead, their value increases steadily with the spot price of Silver. A lasting, stable physical silver investment, these bars will tend to retain their value over the years. They are easy to stack and store, whether in a personal safe or a safe deposit box at a bank.

GMR Gold Precious Metals Investment Experts are available to answer your questions about these Generic Silver bars at 1 (877) 795-9585. Whether you would like to buy, sell or trade generic silver bars, GMR Gold experts are happy to explain your silver and gold investment options and will always respect your needs as a Precious Metals investor or collector.