PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna graces the obverse of the famed refinery’s 1 oz. gold bar. Lady Fortuna was the first artistic design to be featured on a gold bar. Before Lady Fortuna, gold bars had only the minimum markings to show who minted them, their weight, and their purity. 

PAMP Suisse began refining precious metals in 1977, long after most countries had abandoned their gold standard. PAMP has since become a world-leading precious metals refinery, famous for its beautifully minted small ingot bars. In fact, the refinery’s gold bars account for 50% of the global market for bars weighing 50 grams or less.

The Lady Fortuna design is popular for its singular beauty. It is also prized for its content of .9999 fine gold. The 1 oz. size is ideal for investors because the bar’s value can be easily determined by checking the spot price of gold, which is always given as a per-ounce price. 

The goddess Fortuna is a fitting image for a gold bar, as she symbolizes good luck and good fortune. In the minted image, Lady Fortuna appears wearing a wreath in her hair and holding a cornucopia, the universal emblem of abundance. To own a PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna bar is to hold the very substance of present and future prosperity in your hands.

Lady Fortuna stands along as the game-changing design that made a place for artistic images on gold bars, combining the image of prosperity with the intrinsic value of gold.

No other gold bar is quite like the 1 oz. Lady Fortuna gold bar from PAMP Suisse. What is more, the gold bar you buy from PAMP Suisse is a true one-of-a-kind. The Lady Fortuna bar is sealed in a tamper-evident package, along with an assay card signed by the assayer who verifies the bar’s 1 troy ounce weight and .9999 fine gold purity. PAMP’s signature Veriscan technology and the unique serial number on each bar can be used to verify the authenticity of each bar.

Your Investment Options

  1. If you currently have only relatively plain gold bars, consider adding the Lady Fortuna gold bar from PAMP Suisse to diversify your precious metals holdings.
  2. Since this gold bar is eligible for placement in a precious metals IRA, it is a great way to start saving for retirement.
  3. Give the gift of a Lady Fortuna 1 oz. gold bar as a symbol of prosperity to inspire a loved one who is about to make a major move from college to work or from one job to another. 
  4. Would you like to know more about PAMP’s Lady Fortuna 1 oz. gold bar or explore other gold and silver investment options? Call GMR Gold at (877) 795-9585 for a complimentary consultation with our precious metals investment experts.

Bar Specifications

Weight 1 Troy Ounce/Purity .9999 Fine Gold/PAMP Suisse