This 1-ounce gold bar comes from the esteemed Royal Canadian Mint. The design is distinctive and modern while retaining the RCM’s beautiful maple leaf logo. The logo if featured in a larger image on the obverse of the bar and in repeated lines of smaller logos across the reverse. The overall design of the coin is sophisticated and sleek.

Yet, the primary reason for investing in gold bullion bars such as this one is not for accumulating interesting images. Instead, gold bullion is traditionally used to increase assets over time. This particular gold bar has several physical attributes that make that more likely. First, it is a one-ounce coin. This allows you to quickly compare your holdings to the spot price of gold.

In addition, the one-ounce weight is the most popular size, making it a highly liquid gold product. Finally, since 99.99% fine gold is becoming the standard for new gold bullion bars and coins, this coin is poised to compete on the world gold market for many years to come.

Presented in a sealed package with a signed assay card attached, the RCM 1 oz. gold bar is guaranteed by the Canadian government for weight and purity. A unique serial number is minted into each bar, allowing authentication and inspiring confidence in owners and buyers of this beautiful RCM gold bar.

The RCM 1 oz. gold bar has one of the most dignified designs of small ingots around the world. Its name speaks volumes in elegance, confidence, and security.

Choosing to move savings into hard assets such as the RCM 1 oz. gold bar is one way to build a hedge against inflation. It also allows you to protect your assets in times of personal difficulties. Furthermore, it allows you to set aside gold that would be extremely useful in case of worldwide economic crises. When all is considered, the RCM 1 oz. gold bar stands alone for its distinctive design combined with its high quality.

Your Investment Options

  1. If your current precious metals holdings do not include gold bars, now might be the opportune time to add them with this 1-ounce gold ingot.
  2. Consider setting aside gold in the form of these RCM 1-oz. bars to hold for at least 3 years or more and sell only after you see significant gains.
  3. New investors make a wise decision when they start their precious metals IRA with this distinctive .9999 gold bar.
  4. Learn more about this and other gold and silver bullion options from our GMR Gold precious metals investment experts by calling us at (877) 795-9585. We give you a friendly, complimentary consultation to help you choose wisely the first time.