The Gold American Eagle is the official U.S. gold bullion and a great addition to both numismatic collections and investment portfolios. In fact, rarely does a coin serve both purposes so well. The coin, first minted in 1986, has been popular ever since it was issued.

Because the coin is minted based on demand, some years saw fewer Gold Eagles being produced. For example, in 1999, over 1.5 million 1 oz. Gold American Eagles were minted. On the other hand, only 221,663 of the 1 oz. coins were minted in 1991. What is fascinating for many new collectors is that, although the demand was lower in 1991, the demand for a 1991 Gold American Eagle now tends to be higher than for the years when many more were minted.

The design on the obverse of the coin is a version of the beautiful Augustus Saint-Gaudens Lady Liberty holding her torch of enlightenment high over her head while clutching an olive branch in the other hand. She stands majestically before the rays of a rising sun. 

On the reverse is a more modern design, created by Miley Busiek in 1986 specifically for the Gold American Eagle coin. It depicts an American Eagle flying above a nest as a mother eagle and her hatchling watch from below. 

This common date coin offer is chosen from among the years the 1 oz. Gold American Eagle has been produced. Investors who prefer American Gold Eagles appreciate the benefits of purchasing common date coins for their lower price over the spot price of gold. 

The 1 oz. Gold American Eagle common date coin offers value for investors who are concerned about diversifying their portfolios with gold coins

This official U.S. gold bullion coin has proven a stable and often profitable investment for those who are most interested in its gold content. Its .9167 purity makes it a durable coin that can remain in the condition it was received in for many, many years to come. It is backed by the U.S. government for weight and purity, inspiring confidence in investors and buyers. The Gold American Eagle is one of the best coins to purchase, and this common date selection is the ideal way to buy it.

Your Investment Options

  1.  If you have started a collection with primarily silver coins, now is the perfect time to add a beautiful Gold American Eagle.
  2. Compare the numbers of coins issued in each year and set aside those years when fewer were produced. These are likely to increase in value faster than other Gold American Eagles.
  3. Consider setting aside Gold American Eagles in your precious metals portfolio. They are approved for PM IRAs, so they offer a great tool for saving for retirement.
  4. Contact our GMR Gold precious metals investment experts at (877) 795-9585 to discuss your goals and the best ways to achieve them. Whether your focus is on investing or numismatic collecting, we are here to answer your questions.

Coin Specifications

Weight 1 troy ounce/Purity 0.9167 Fine Gold/Common Year