The image on the obverse of the 1 oz. Gold American Eagle common date coins is of Lady Liberty walking towards a rising sun with the capital in the background. She holds aloft her torch of freedom as her hair and gown billow around her. This beautiful image was originally designed by sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens and was used on the Gold Double Eagle starting in 1907. Before the design was reused for the 1 oz. American Gold Eagle, it was updated.

The original Saint-Gaudens design had only 13 stars — one for each of the thirteen colonies. The new design includes a total of 50 stars representing each of the 50 states. And, while the original design first included Roman numeral dates, these were later changed to Arabic numbers.

The reverse of the Gold American Eagle common date coins features a totally new design, created by Miley Busik specifically for this new gold bullion coin for its 1986 release. While the older coin did have an American eagle on the reverse, this new design features an American eagle flying over a nest containing a mother Eagle and her hatchling.

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