The 1 oz. Gold American Buffalo common date coin features the historic design created by James Earle Fraser for the 1913 Buffalo nickel, also known as the Indian Head nickel. Fraser told the story of creating the design, saying he modeled the Indian Head obverse after three Native Americans known as Iron Tail, Big Tree, and Two Moons. Although several people did sit for him, it is unknown who was the final model for the image on the gold buffalo. Fraser further told the story of sitting in the Bronx Zoo, watching a shaggy old bison named Black Diamond, and sketching his image for the Buffalo nickel. 

The Indian Head nickel was first minted in 1913 and continued to be struck every year until 1938, except for years when there were no nickels struck, in 1922, 1932, and 1933. The Gold American Buffalo design is slightly altered from the original nickel design, now showing the motto IN GOD WE TRUST beneath the bison’s head on the left of the reverse. The design is known as one of the best that has been minted on U.S. coins. 

First minted in 2006, the 1 oz. Gold American Buffalo has tremendous historical significance. It is a modern treasure. At .9999 fine gold, the coin is purer than the ever-popular American Gold Eagle, which comes in at .9167 fine gold. The one-ounce weight is by far the most popular Gold Buffalo coin, making it a highly liquid investment.

The Gold American Buffalo is extremely popular among collectors who admire the numismatic features of the coin, as well as investors who view it as a stable, long-term investment in gold.

As a common date coin, the Gold American Buffalo coin featured here by GMR Gold offers collectors the opportunity to potentially add new years’ coins to their collection. At the same time, it is prized by gold bullion investors as a valuable .9999 fine gold coin from the U.S. Mint. With both historical meaning and intrinsic value, the Gold American Buffalo has become one of the most popular coins in America.

Your Investment Options

  1. If you are a collector who has never ventured into the realm of gold bullion coins, choose the American Gold Buffalo as your first pure gold coin.
  2. Consider adding American Gold Buffalo coins to your precious metals IRA.
  3. Diversify an existing precious metals portfolio by adding 1 oz. coins such as the American Gold Buffalo.
  4. Get a complimentary consultation from the precious metals investment experts at GMR Gold by contacting us at (877) 795-9585 to learn more about your gold and silver options. We are happy to discuss both the numismatic and investment potential of all our precious metals products.

Coin Specifications

Weight 1 Troy Ounce/Purity .9999 Fine Gold/ Common Date