Can I talk with the President of GMR Gold if desired?

Most of the industry dealers operate from a call center. You will typically be assigned a fully commissioned sales person. Their primary motivation is maximizing their commission percentage. If you face problems, they might escalate you to a mid-level call center manager. At the end of the day, you are unable to talk to the President or the executive team.

At GMR we commit to you speaking to our President within 24 hours if desired. We do not operate from a call center, nor do we retain fully commissioned salespeople, and everyone has a personal position in physical precious metals.

How do you handle and communicate the order and delivery process?

Always ask the dealer what you can expect when it comes to your order being explained, confirmed and delivered. Also question them as to what delivery methods they use, the cost of delivery and how they handle missing and/or damaged shipments.

GMR Gold has a policy in place which dictates that we communicate every step of the order and delivery process - in addition to advising you as to what the best value metals are to buy for your personal financial situation.

What products does GMR Gold specialize in?

You need to know if a dealer has a focus on specific types of metals. Rest assured that you will be strongly influenced and guided to purchase the type of metals on which they focus.

Also, be forewarned that there are many strong arm tactics and “bait and switch” approaches used to move you from buying bullion to purchasing high-margin numismatic coins.