Are you fully insured, and with what carriers?

GMR Gold carries a block policy with a subsidiary of Lloyd’s of London that covers all precious metals, jewelry, diamonds and fine watches. For all precious metals shipped to you, your parcels are fully insured for complete value with FedEx, UPS and USPS with an adult signature required.

Does your precious metals firm require a minimum investment?

GMR Gold does not require a minimum investment. We started small and we take pleasure in helping new buyers enter the precious metals market. At the end of the day, we personally purchased small amounts twenty-five years ago when we began as investors and understand how the journey begins. We are committed to serving both the small and large investor and will be there for you throughout your journey.

What do you recommend as a % of assets to be invested in precious metals?

Investment professionals will tell you that a diversified portfolio is your best bet for a long term growth strategy, and that a diverse portfolio could include some precious metals. Most brokers recommend that the percentage of precious metals in your retirement fund should be around 5-20% depending on your tolerance for risk.

Scam dealers use scare tactics and lie to their customers, telling them that precious metals are the only investment worth making. If a dealer is recommending an inordinately high percentage of your portfolio to be invested in precious metals you can rest assured that their best interest takes top priority and not yours!

We personally will not make a percentage recommendation until we fully understand your mindset and your investment objectives. Generally speaking, most of our clients fit in the 10- 20% range, but there are exceptions.