How soon after a deal is consummated will I receive my coins or bars?

All dealers have to wait until your funds clear before shipping your items. Request that the dealer clearly state and commit to when they will ship your metals upon funds being cleared. GMR Gold normally ships items within 24 hours of clearing funds.

Please note that “collected funds” are different than “cleared funds.” When a dealer cashes your check your bank will note that the funds have been “collected.” That does NOT mean that the dealer has received your money. Only when your funds are “cleared” - usually a few days later, but the time frame depends upon your bank - is the dealer assured that they have received full funds.

Also make sure the dealer clarifies if items are back-ordered and how long they will take to ship. Sometimes the wholesale distributors will have items on back-order in times of heavy demand. GMR Gold has superb relationships with our market makers and are typically able to fulfill immediately upon the wholesaler gaining initial back-ordered inventory.

How are your packages wrapped for shipping?

This might seem like an odd question, but some dealers clearly print their logo and “gold and silver” or “precious metals” on their packaging and correspondence. It is important for dealers to honor and protect the privacy of their clients. We ensure that all of our packages are wrapped in non-descript packaging such as tightly packed corrugated boxes, so as to give no indication of the package contents. In addition, any correspondence from GMR Gold has a non-descript revision of our logo that in no way indicates any reference to precious metals.