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A lot of the information contained in this article is going to appear as conjecture or theory. The reason for that is when the United States mainstream media reports on the rise of the BRIC Nations, it is typically just a headline with a handful of benign facts. No surprise from our news sources that ignored a laptop for nearly four years that had information about a Presidential candidate’s Quid Pro Quo dealings with foreign nations.

The BRIC Nations Alliance is nothing like the upstart United States Football League. The BRICS Nations will continue their rise and objectives to end the hegemony of the United States of America and the entirety of the Western World. BRICS is an acronym for five of the largest emerging countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. The BRICS countries comprise about 42 percent of the global population and 32 percent of global gross domestic product (GDP). By contrast, the US has only 4 percent of the global population and 16 percent of global GDP.

South Africa’s representative to the BRICS, Ambassador Anil Sooklal, has hinted that the grouping is set to grow bigger this year with more than 30 countries having formally and informally applied to join the alliance. The latest report indicates that the countries ready to join the BRICS alliance are Afghanistan, Algeria, Argentina, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Sudan, Syria, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe. The development will come as a blow to the United States of America and other Western nations, which will see their GDPs dwindle to that of the BRICS.

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The United States Dollar has enjoyed the Global Reserve Currency Status since World War II. The dollar was pegged to the price of Gold at $35.00 per ounce and all other currencies were pegged to the dollar based on the subjection of currency traders around the world. Following rampant inflation of the 60’s and 70’s the increasing pressure against the Gold Reserves of the United States prompted President Nixon to de-couple the US Dollar from Gold and in doing created a purely Fiat Currency. This single act has proven to be the ultimate demise of the United States dominance as a Military, Economic, and Political power of the World. The irresponsible Government Spending which created our current Gargantuan Debt has finally come home to roost. A better mousetrap is being built.

During the same time period of the emergency measures used to save the dollar, the Oil Embargo of 1973 facilitated an agreement between the United States and Saudi Arabia to protect the Saudi nation militarily in exchange for them selling oils in US Dollars. This created the Petro Dollar where all oil, all around the world, was bought and sold with US Dollars. You will notice their name on the above list along with the other oil producing nations which is beginning to look like an OPEC meeting 2.0.

It is very clear why these facts, statistics, and observations have been largely if not entirely ignored on the six o’clock news. We only just now, three years later, are recovering from the panic and economic fallout from Covid-19. A pandemic that “required” a shutdown of the largest economy in the world and paper masks to buy a loaf of bread. When the US Dollar loses the Global Reserve Currency status, the average American will not be able to afford a loaf of bread and will need to start recycling paper masks. The next calamity will make Covid look like a Sunday picnic.

One scenario might look this. Initially the BRICS currency which is scheduled to be announced and rolled out at the next meeting of the Alliance in August of this year, will be used primarily by the original members. This unit of exchange is five years in the making, and it is being introduced as a digital currency backed by Gold. International transactions will be made between Brazil, Russia, India, China, and Saudi Arabia with the “Anti Dollar”.

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This will move 32% of Global GDP away from the US Dollar. Soon to follow will be Iran, Venezuela, and The United Arab Emirates. This will sew up the majority of the world’s oil production no longer being bought and sold in US Dollars. Next will come the strategic partnerships that will be necessary to complete China and Russia’s ultimate goal. Mexico our neighbor to the south who has already submitted an application, will join the BRICS. The rest of the South and Central American countries will succumb. Former Russian satellite countries that left the Soviet Union the last time communism failed, will fall. Europe will be surrounded again. The United States will be become an island surrounded by BRICS with the single exception of our neighbor to the north, who look more like France every day.

Our out-of-control debt, created by socialist style, Robin Hood spending has now divided the world into two parallel economies. One using a digital currency backed by the only real money, Gold. And the other, a fiat variety that supports the end of capitalism, rewards mediocracy, and has lost all support of its meaningful allies.

A Precious Metals Dealer brings you this news because the information industry that used to be journalism does not. Mainstream media now performs its duty to the population as a propaganda machine like that of Communist Russia we were taught not to believe when we were in school. We should not hear news about the dangers of an imminent decline of the United States of America but rather report on society arguing about Men Dressing up as Women dancing and reading books to our children in the formerly hallowed halls of our school libraries.

All Americans should recognize that the beginning of the end was years ago. Like boiling frogs most Americans do not know what is happening around them except how much the new Jordans have gone up in price or what the date and time of the fantasy draft party is.

GOLD is going to be a part of the parallel economy that will eventually overtake and consume the entire world economy into one big “Not Democratic” World Order. If you do not own GOLD and/or SILVER now, the time is coming where it may be too late. For GOLD to operate as the collateral to the new BRICS Currency it cannot be priced at $2,000.00. With a fractional collateralization on the sheer volume of currency needed to accomplish this task, coupled with the “known” metric tons of Gold held by the BRICS in their Reserves, Gold at a minimum would have to be at least five figures.

To summarize, Precious Metals may correct more from their recent highs, or they may not correct more. No one knows. To that end, it will not matter in the future whether you bought Gold at $1,700.00, $1,800.00, or $2,000.00. It will only matter that you bought Gold in 2023, while you still could. Gold has always been money and always has had a place in monetary strategy back to the Bible days. If the Western World is going to compete with this attempt by China to take over the world with their 150-year plan, Gold will have to play a huge part. Silver will clearly “coat tail” off of Gold’s status as sound money as well. The unfortunate truth will be, those with Gold and Silver in their portfolio will be able to benefit from the inverse relationship that protects us from other investments. Those without Precious Metals will be left outside looking in. While GMR Gold does not take pleasure in bringing this news to our clients, we have always considered it our job to inform the GMR Gold family of trends and information that may affect decisions about their financial future. And as always, there is never a bad time to buy Gold and Silver. But sometimes are better than others.

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