For precious metal enthusiasts and collectors, GMR Gold is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with Mutiny Metals, unveiling a captivating range of hand-poured silver rounds. The first batch of this exclusive release includes 1-ounce hand-poured bullion and seven uniquely designed coins. Each piece is meticulously crafted, combining artistic mastery with the intrinsic value of silver, making them a treasure for both collectors and investors.

The Art of Hand-Poured Silver

Hand-poured silver has a distinct charm, marked by its individuality and craftsmanship. Unlike mass-produced coins, each hand-poured piece carries unique characteristics, making no two pieces identical. This artisanal process not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also adds a tactile dimension to the silver, resonating with the touch and feel of history and tradition.


Mutiny Metals has mastered this art, ensuring each silver round is not just a piece of precious metal but a work of art. The collaboration with GMR Gold brings this artistry to a broader audience, offering exclusive designs that tell stories of adventure, resilience, and the human spirit.

The Exclusive Collection

The collection features seven remarkable designs, each with its own narrative and symbolism, capturing the imagination of those who appreciate both the artistry and the value of precious metals.

1. Chernobyl 1oz Silver Round

The Chernobyl round evokes a sense of resilience and preparedness. Featuring a detailed gas mask, this piece symbolizes protection in the face of adversity. The gas mask is a stark reminder of the catastrophic nuclear disaster and the enduring human spirit that rose from it. This round stands as a testament to humanity's resilience and the constant vigilance required to navigate through challenging times.

2. Dead Men Tell No Tales 1oz Silver Round

At the heart of this design lies a solemn skull, its single eye gleaming with timeless wisdom. The skull, adorned with a weathered eyepatch and framed by ominous crossbones, serves as a stark reminder of the perils of the open seas. This piece is not just a tribute to pirate lore but also a symbol of the wisdom gained through facing and overcoming adversity. Each round is meticulously hand-poured, ensuring its unique character and charm.


3. Grim Chopper 1oz Silver Round

The Grim Chopper round features a menacing skull with an air of defiance, framed by crossbones. Each detail is carefully hand-poured, creating a unique piece that commands attention. Whether displayed as a collector's item or safeguarded as a precious investment, the Grim Chopper Silver Round stands out with its undeniable presence and meticulous craftsmanship.

4. Happy Jack 1oz Silver Round

Crafted with precision, the Happy Jack round captures the essence of adventure and daring. Each round is hand-poured and detailed to reflect a spirit of exploration and risk-taking. Whether you're a collector adding a unique piece to your treasure chest or an investor seeking precious metals with personality, the Happy Jack Silver Round is a must-have.


5. Roger 1oz Silver Round

At the heart of this design lies a classic Jolly Roger skull, its grinning visage exuding mischief and adventure. Adorned with crossed swords, the skull serves as a timeless emblem of the pirate's life. Each detail is meticulously hand-poured, ensuring every round is a unique work of art capturing the spirit of the high seas.

6. Silver Throne 1oz Silver Round

Introducing "The Silver Throne," a GMR Gold exclusive, minted by the artisans at Mutiny Metals. This captivating piece exudes an aura of regal power and mystique. At its heart lies a formidable skull mounted upon a shield, flanked by two majestic eagles and a mighty sword. Each element is intricately detailed, capturing the essence of medieval heraldry and the grandeur of epic fantasy. This piece symbolizes strength, courage, and the relentless pursuit of power.

7. The Tombstone 1oz Silver Round

The Tombstone round features a menacing skull with hollow eyes and a grim grin, speaking of untold tales and daring escapades. Beneath the skull rest two crossed revolvers, symbols of power and authority in the frontier landscape. Surrounded by ammunition, this design is a testament to readiness for conflict and the ever-present danger of life on the edge. Each round is a unique piece, meticulously hand-poured to ensure it stands out in any collection.


8. The Traveler 1oz Silver Round

At its center, the Traveler round showcases a weathered skull adorned with a rugged bandana bearing the iconic Jolly Roger emblem. One eye peers out from beneath the bandana, symbolizing the trials and tribulations faced on the high seas. This piece captures the essence of a seasoned explorer, embodying the spirit of adventure and resilience.

Why Collect Hand-Poured Silver?

Hand-poured silver rounds are not just investments in precious metals; they are pieces of art that tell stories and evoke emotions. Each round from Mutiny Metals is a testament to the skill and creativity of the artisans who pour them by hand. The process involves melting silver and carefully pouring it into molds, creating distinct textures and finishes that set each piece apart.

Unique and Limited Editions

One of the most appealing aspects of hand-poured silver is its uniqueness. Unlike machine-produced bullion, no two hand-poured pieces are exactly alike. This individuality adds value and desirability, especially among collectors who seek exclusive and limited-edition items.

Tactile and Visual Appeal

The tactile sensation of holding a hand-poured silver round, combined with its visual appeal, makes these pieces particularly engaging. The intricate designs and unique textures invite touch, creating a deeper connection between the collector and the piece.

Historical and Artistic Value

Hand-poured silver rounds often feature designs that reflect historical events, cultural symbols, or artistic themes. This blend of history and art enhances their value, making them more than just an investment in precious metal but also in cultural heritage and artistic expression.

Investing in Precious Metals

Investing in silver has long been a strategy for diversifying portfolios and safeguarding wealth against economic uncertainties. Silver, like gold, serves as a hedge against inflation and currency fluctuations. The tangible nature of precious metals provides a sense of security that digital and paper assets cannot match.

Why Choose GMR Gold and Mutiny Metals?

GMR Gold's partnership with Mutiny Metals combines expertise in precious metals with exceptional craftsmanship. This collaboration ensures that each piece is not only a valuable investment but also a unique work of art. By choosing these exclusive hand-poured silver rounds, investors and collectors alike can enjoy the dual benefits of aesthetic beauty and financial security.

A Treasure for Collectors

For collectors, the GMR Gold exclusive Mutiny Metals collection offers a chance to own pieces that are both beautiful and rare. Each round tells a story, capturing moments of history, adventure, and resilience. These pieces are perfect for those who appreciate the artistry and uniqueness of hand-poured silver.

A Solid Investment

For investors, the intrinsic value of silver combined with the unique appeal of hand-poured rounds makes this collection a smart addition to any portfolio. The limited nature of these pieces adds a layer of exclusivity, potentially increasing their value over time.


The exclusive hand-poured silver collection by GMR Gold and Mutiny Metals represents a perfect blend of artistry, history, and intrinsic value. Each piece is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and creative design, making it a must-have for collectors and a wise choice for investors.

Whether you're drawn to the story of Chernobyl, the adventurous spirit of the Happy Jack, or the regal power of the Silver Throne, this collection offers something unique for every precious metal enthusiast. Explore the world of hand-poured silver with GMR Gold and Mutiny Metals, and add a piece of this exclusive collection to your treasure chest today.

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