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World Gold


French Gold 20 Franc Rooster

The French Gold 20 Franc Rooster Gold coin is a marvelous representation of the French heritage. The Gallic Rooster is also the national symbol (unofficial) of France and is also considered a strong symbol of Christianity.

$390.43 /ea


20 Franc Swiss

The Swiss Francs were first introduced by the Helvetic Republic of Switzerland in 1798. These beautiful Swiss coins are available in AU/BU conditions. It is one of the smaller classic bullion coins with a lavish history more than 100 years old and is treated as the symbol of Swiss independence and fiscal strength.

$392.26 /ea


British Sovereigns King Edwards

The Gold Sovereigns are one of the most famous gold coins in the world and for apparent reasons. Going back to 1489, the Sovereigns played a crucial commercial role during the heydays of British Empire.

$503.45 /ea


British Sovereigns King

The British Sovereigns are considered as one the most historically significant coins in the industry. During the late 15th Century, the Sovereigns served as the official form of currency until they were abandoned by the gold standard during World War I. Known for their historic significance and purity, the Sovereigns are ideal for history buffs and coin collectors.

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