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Pre-21 Morgan Silver Dollar - VG


$27.75 /ea


  • Title: Pre-21 Morgan Silver Dollar - VG
  • Purity: .900
  • Metal: Silver
  • Weight: .77344 Oz.

Full Description

Designed by George T. Morgan, the Morgan Silver Dollar is one of the most iconic coins ever produced by the United States. George T. Morgan managed to bring forth one of the most traded and prized coins that collectors and investors have chosen time and time again as their go to investment silver coin.

With a noticeable wear over the coin, but with all letters and digits visible, these coins will will be completely legible. This condition is a great choice for those that want a eye catching coin with a lower premium compared to higher grades.

The Obverse

The Obverse of the Morgan Silver Dollar highlights an effigy of Miss Liberty, who many believe was modeled after 19 year old Anna Willess Williams or the “Silver Dollar Girl.” Featured The Obverse is the thirteen stars to represent the original thirteen states of the Union wrapped around the southern border of the coin. While the Latin phrase E Pluribus Unum which translate roughly into "Out of Many (States/People), One Nation" runs the northern border of the coin. "LIBERTY" is inscribed in Miss Liberty's crown and the date of mintage will be underneath Miss Liberty to verify the year it was minted.

The Reverse

The Reverse of the Morgan Silver Dollar depicts an eagle that vastly improves the intrinsic value of the coin compared to the strange-looking and contorted eagles that came before. As is custom of American Coinage, the eagle has the olive branch in its right (dexter) talon and three arrows in its left (sinister) talon. The eagle's head faces towards the right, which presumes the United States prefers peace versus war. The eagle is positioned above a wreath made of berries and olive leaves, the olive branch is a well-known symbol of peace. Appearing above the eagle's head is the motto "In God We Trust," while below the wreath is the face value of "One Dollar" and the mint mark showing where the silver dollar was minted.

Full Description


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