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Monster Box of 500 Silver 1 oz OPM Rounds

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  • Title: Monster Box of 500 Silver 1 oz OPM Rounds
  • Purity: 0.999
  • Metal: Silver
  • Weight: 500

Full Description

Silver Rounds made by Ohio Precious Metals are some of the best-selling silver rounds in the nation, combining quality manufacture and high silver content. Large discounts are available to investors who buy silver rounds online in bulk. Each monster box of silver rounds from OPM contains 500 rounds, each weighing one troy ounce of silver. GMRGold is the best place to buy silver rounds online in bulk -- in addition to the volume pricing discounts, these rounds come direct from the manufacturer, ensuring full product quality and authenticity. Details of 1 Ounce OPM Silver Rounds OPM silver rounds use a spartan design -- displayed are only the name of the mint, the weight of silver in troy ounces, and the .999 silver fineness. The lack of design simplifies the production process and keeps costs low, allowing investors to save money when buying monster boxes of silver rounds online. Investing in Silver Rounds Unlike silver coins, which have numismatic value and are, therefore, more expensive, silver rounds generally trade close to the current silver spot price, making them favorites among investors who buy physical silver bullion online. Those looking to buy cheap silver bullion often buy monster boxes of silver rounds, as the volume discounts, coupled with the already-extant low premiums, make them one of the most inexpensive silver bullion products on the market. Buying Boxes of Silver Rounds Online from GMRGold -- Shipping and Insurance When you buy a monster box of OPM silver rounds online from GMRGold we promptly ready your order for shipment. Each monster box contains 25 sealed hard plastic tubes, each of which contains 20 OPM 1 ounce silver rounds. Due to the high value of silver, free shipping insurance is provided for your order, and shipping costs are also free to customers in the continental United States. Help with Buying Silver Rounds Online GMRGold aims to be the best place to buy silver rounds online, and we have several useful online resources to help you invest in bullion, such as our FAQ, an Investing Guide, a Glossary, and a detailed Product Information Page. Additional help can be found through our Contact Us page or simply by calling the GMRGold toll-free number at 1-877-795-9585.

Full Description


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