Mintage Figures and How They Affect the Overall Value of A Coin: A Look at the Julia Grant First Spouse Gold Coin

Market’s have been known to be finicky in terms of how they are expected to perform, and how they actually perform in terms of trends and prices. The same can be said for the coin market, but some have added benefits that other coins may lack; for example history, mint errors, and low mintage figures. Low mintage figures in particular have been known to add value to a coin, and often when sales have concluded, and the mintage figures show to be low; premiums rise and that coin becomes sought after.

Rarity in the coin business is a common factor for investors, and collectors to take interest in particular series, or coin. Knowing this, we can thus speculate as to the future performance of those coins in the First Spouse series, such as the Julia Grant First Spouse Gold Coin, which has final mintage of 3,969 for the Proof version, and 2,961 for the Uncirculated coin. The first three coins of the series met the maximum mintage set by the Mint, at 40,000; but soon after interest in the series, as it tends to do, dropped. But that could be a good thing for those willing to purchase now, and wait out the inevitable demand for the coins once the series has completely stopped.

An example of this effect is the 1997 $5 Jackie Robinson Commemorative coin, which has a mintage of just 5,174. Unpopular when it was first released, the coin has now become a favorite because of its low mintage. For the majority of the First Spouse Gold Coins, with some mintages as low as an the 3,000s, there could be interest in the near to distant future for the rare coins in the series. Aiding the already low mintage is the intrinsic value, which lies with the one-half ounce of 24-karat (.9999) Fine Gold, and the history associated with each First Lady.

The Julia Grant First Spouse Gold Coin certainly achieves what the program was designed for; imparting historic and intrinsic significance back into American coinage. Owning a part of the program would be a welcome addition to any collection or investor’s portfolio. If you’d like to learn more about making this beautiful coin a part of your collection, give the experts at Global Monetary Reserve a call at 877-795-9585 today, or if you would like to take a look at our fantastic inventory, that includes others in the First Spouse set, visit our E-commerce site by Clicking Here!