Twelve Years Later: Why The Events of the Last Twelve Years Have Reinforced The Need for Precious Metals

While many of us are taking today to remember the events of September 11, it’s also important to not forget the events that have occurred since the World Trade Center attacks and how many of those things have led to where we are today.  One of the most important things to remember is that even though there were many people who were investing in precious metals and rare coins before the turn of the century, it only became after the towers fell that precious metals jumped to the forefront of the public’s view – and with good reason.

Since 9/11, we’ve had the instatement of the Patriot Act, the development of Homeland Security, and the institution of the TSA at airports all over the nation.  We engaged in two separate military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We watched in horror as the space shuttle Columbia ignited upon re-entry into the atmosphere, killing the heroic American men and women on board.  We watched multiple tropical storms and hurricanes cause massive damage along the Gulf and Eastern coasts.  We rode a boom towards record breaking profits and then watched collectively as the boom turned to bust and the housing bubble burst, beginning the Recession and nearly driving us into a Depression.  We watched the rise of the Tea Party movement and the beginning (and end) of Occupy Wall Street.  We saw the election of one of the most divisive presidents in American history.  We’ve seen the Federal Reserve print trillions of dollars in a failed economic policy that’s only prolonged the situation it was meant to cure.  Multiple school shootings brought the specter of gun control back to the forefront of the American public’s thoughts in a way not seen since Columbine.  We saw the Deepwater Horizon collapse into a giant pool of oil in the Gulf of Mexico and we watched as the explosion in West, TX destroyed an entire town.

The point in mentioning all of this is that many others in the industry want to “doom and gloom” and tell you how bad things are – but there’s no need for doom and gloom when the reality of the last decade is terrifying enough.  For many men and women, the primary issue that has been brought to the forefront by all this instability has been their financial situation: how am I supposed to save for the future when the economics of the world have become so precarious?  How am I supposed to combat my money losing value against the increasing cost of living, rising inflation, and interest rates that cripple my savings?

The answer is precious metals and rare coins.  In the last decade, gold has moved at a record pace, producing record profits and generating an immense amount of interest in the international community.  Likewise, silver and platinum have both performed incredibly well and have often been measured as undervalued for their potential performance.  Rare coins have broken records at auction, producing hundreds of percent profit for those who have picked them up for their portfolios.  In an era where uncertainty has been a constant, the only other constant has been the performance of precious metals.  This is why you need to give the account advisers at Global Monetary Reserve a call at 1(877) 795-9585 – because the first step in breaking free of the continuing cycle of bad economic policies is to diversify your portfolio with the intention of protecting what you’ve worked so hard to earn.