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Are You Thinking About Building Or Expanding A Semi-Rare Coin Portfolio? Our Precious Metal Experts Can Help You.


Understanding Your Collection as a Marketable Commodity

Now that you have decided to invest in rare coins, you may be wondering why you would need the advice of a reputable precious metal dealer.  After all, a coin is a coin—its value isn’t going to change if it was minted decades ago, is it?

Unfortunately, this is a common misperception in the coin trade. Coins are a marketable commodity whose value is always changing, and many newcomers to the market make the mistake of snapping up “rare” coins at trade shows and antique stores without knowing what they are looking for (and often paying more money than the coinage is worth).

At Global Monetary Reserve, our certified coin grader can tell you exactly what your collection is worth and what you can expect of its value in the future.

What are some common problems of buying rare and semi-rare coins online?


There are many problems inexperienced buyers will encounter when buying rare and collectible coins, including:

    • Over-grading. As in most collectible fields, you must be aware of misrepresentation. While this does include instances of counterfeiting, over-grading is much more common. Even so called “reputable” dealers will sell over-graded merchandise, giving the consumer a false sense of what his coins are actually worth.


    • Fluctuating values. The value of your coins is relative, and will never have one set price. Many novices will rely on price guides to tell them exactly what their coins are worth, but while the catalog may assure them their collection is valued at a certain price, there is no guarantee they will be able to sell for that amount.


    • Limited expertise. While many collectors will hit the coin show circuit looking for deals, it is rare to find coin sellers who can speak knowledgeably about their inventory. Many such businessmen are antiques dealers who have coins among their wares, and do not specialize specifically in coinage values—but they do know how to negotiate aggressively, prompting customers to overpay for their items.


These are by no means the only pitfalls novices may face. Too many investors have sunk their capital into bogus coinage without consulting a certified coin grader, putting off their well-deserved retirements.

The precious metal experts at Global Monetary Reserve are reputable coin sellers, but our service does not end there. We also offer free coin appraisals from our on-staff certified coin grader and answer all precious metal questions from beginners to experienced investors, building a lifelong relationship with our customers. To find out how we can help your family build on their future, call us today at (877) 795-9585 or fill out the quick contact form on this page.