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Investing in Old Money: How to Safely Buy or Sell Rare Coins Online

How can you put a price on something that is invaluable?

Investing in numismatics can seem like investing in buried treasure. If something is old or rare enough to be called priceless, how can you be sure of what it’s worth?

The truth is, rare coins can be treated as a commodity just like any other tradable item: their prices will fluctuate, and they will be deemed more or less valuable based on how common they are (and how much others are willing to pay for them). In order to invest wisely, you must buy low and sell high. But how can you tell when a coin has reached its peak selling point—and how can you get the best price once it has?

Our Texas rare coin dealers are committed to helping our customers make smart investment decisions. Our newsletter, The Collector, provides an in-depth look at the numismatic trade, helping you improve your rare coin portfolio by examining the world of rare coin investing, and unlike other precious metal dealers, we have a certified coin grader on staff who can tell you exactly what your collection is worth.

Call Global Monetary Reserve today at (877) 795-9585 to get started on your FREE coin appraisal.

From Novices to Numismatists, Our Clients Receive Lifelong Service

At Global Monetary Reserve, our rare coin advisers truly believe in building a lifelong relationship with our customers. Our experts have a combined 40 years of experience in coins and precious metals, allowing our knowledge to give you the market advantage.


    • Buying. Our online shopping site is not just a retail market for our customers to buy rare coins online. At Global Monetary Reserve, we are dedicated to providing you with exactly the coins you are looking for—if you don’t see it on our site, we will be happy to get it for you. When you have made your purchase, your product will be shipped directly to you guaranteeing total transparency in your investment.


    • Selling. We offer free appraisals from our on-staff, certified coin grader, ensuring you get amazing prices when selling or trading your coins. Whether you are a novice or an expert collector, there will never be hidden fees or unfair prices when selling your coins with Global Monetary Reserve.


    • Investing. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to give you the latest exchange rates, tell you what your rare coins were trading for in the past and help you predict their future value. We also have written several books on coin collecting and precious metal investments, all of which we offer free of charge.


Our outstanding service means you never have to put your savings, your future, or your retirement at risk. To find out how your family can benefit from trading in rare coins, call Global Monetary Reserve today at (877) 795-9585 or fill out the quick contact form on this page.