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Protect Your Future (and Savings) When Buying and Selling Silver and Gold Online

After a good deal of research, you have decided that you are ready to begin an investment in gold bullion and silver bullion. It seems like the safest choice to store your savings, and there are dozens of online retailers available for you to buy and sell. But for all the honest brokers, there are a hundred disreputable merchants willing to take too much of your money for the product you want, hoping that you will be unable to tell the difference.

While you’ve read plenty of information, you’re still not an expert. How much should you invest, what should you buy—and how can you be sure you’re getting a good deal?

How much should I invest in metals?

You have probably heard how important it is to diversify your portfolio. Wise investors know that a substantial portion of their holdings should include liquid assets in case of sudden market changes; as a result, many investors dedicate a minimum one-third of their overall portfolio in metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

Take care of your retirement (without getting taken for a ride)

As the industry experts in precious metals, we know how important it is for investors to retain control over their portfolios. That is why we offer both education for casual shoppers and customer service for our buyers, ensuring you will never be in the dark about your investment portfolio.

At Global Monetary Reserve, our Texas precious metal dealers have over 40 years of experience in gold and silver trading—which we are proud to offer at no cost to you.

We make investing in gold and silver bullion in Texas safe, secure, and worry-free by providing:

    • Knowledgeable service. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff does not work on commission, meaning we are free to provide expert, straightforward information to our clients. We have built our business on the belief that providing excellent service is the only way to build a long-lasting relationship with our customers, so our team is always ready to assist you via live online chat, email or phone.


    • Varied selection. Wondering where to buy gold and silver online? Our shopping site is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing investors to buy and sell when it is convenient for them. We offer a wide range of gold and silver bullion, and are proud to serve our customers by taking requests for items we do not already carry.


    • Total transparency. All of our products are shipped to our customers after purchase, guaranteeing total transparency throughout the course of your investment in metals. No matter if you are a novice to the market or an expert investor, there will never be hidden fees or unexplained delays when dealing with Global Monetary Reserve.


The precious metal experts at Global Monetary Reserve are here to serve you, whether you wish to simply buy your bullion at a fair price or use us as your lifelong source of industry knowledge. To find out how we can help you begin your precious metals investment, call us today at (877) 795-9585 or fill out the quick contact form on this page.