Second in the Bachelor Series: Jackson’s Liberty First Spouse Gold Coin is Packed With Value

Rarely will you find a set, within another set, with so much history displayed in beautiful designs; as well as lucrative considering it’s intrinsic value. The First Spouse Gold Coins internal set The Presidential Liberties, or Bachelor Set, are four coins displaying Lady Liberty as she appeared during their time as President. Part of the Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005, The First Spouse Gold Coin represents the First Lady’s in a $10 denomination, half-ounce of 24-karat (.9999) Fine Gold coins. If a First Lady was not present for the time the President was in office: Lady Liberty would be displayed in her stead.

Three Presidents were widowers, and another was an eternal Bachelor: they were Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, and James Buchanan. The second of the Presidential Liberties is Andrew Jackson’s Liberty First Spouse Gold Coin. Jackson’s Liberty, the Capped Bust, was designed by John Reich, a German immigrant who rose in prominence by becoming Robert Scot’s apprentice. On the Reverse, a stunning depiction of Jackson as he rides into battle, commanding 4,000 American soldiers against the invading British in the Battle of New Orleans in January 1815. His nickname, given to him by his followers, stands along his image as a testament to his toughness in the face of adversity.

A wonderful addition to the First Spouse Gold Coin program as well as the smaller Presidential Liberties set: Jackson’s Liberty First Spouse Gold Coin is an exceptional value, and collector’s item. You can have this beautiful representation of Jackson’s Presidency for yourself if you call our experts, or visit our E-commerce site byClicking Here! Global Monetary Reserve specializes in everything concerning precious metals, and rare, and commemorative coinage.