Mexican Gold 50 Peso – Celebrating Independence

The Mexican Gold 50 Peso common date coin was first released to celebrate Mexico’s Independence from Spain. Americans, and in fact millions of people around the world, place a high value on independence.  The image’s elements on this gold investment coin work together to signify Mexico’s victory. What is more, the coin can become a sign of your financial independence as well.

The Angel of Independence

The Winged Victory image on the obverse of the coin is designed to represent El Angel de la Independencia statue that was erected in Mexico City after the country won its war for independence in 1821. Situated on a 36 meter tall column, the statue is the main focal point on the obverse of the gold coin.

Laurel Crown

The laurel crown has always been a symbol of victory. After 300 years of Spanish rule, Mexico had good reason to celebrate their hard-won victory. The angel holds such a crown in her right hand.

Broken Chain

The broken chain held by the Angel of the statue is a powerful representation of the freedom Mexico gained after achieving independence.

Images of Mexico

Images dear to the hearts of Mexicans grace both the obverse and reverse of the Mexican Gold 50 Peso common date coin. Two Mexican volcanoes – Popocatipetl and Iztacclhuatl – appear on each side of the Angel of the obverse. On the reverse of the 50 peso gold coin, the Mexican coat of arms and the cactus are familiar images for anyone who has lived in, visited or studied Mexico.

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