Everything You Need to Know About One of the Most Beautiful Coins Released by the U.S. Mint

With the release date set for two weeks from today (7/30/2015), the highly anticipated 2015-W American Liberty High Relief gold coin is set to become a favorite amongst collectors. That’s why GMR has gathered all the information on the one of a kind coin: so you can see why making this shiny beauty a part of your collection is a smart investment, and a brilliant addition to your collection.


In 2009, the U.S. Mint fulfilled Saint-Gaudens vision more than 100 years since the artist first designed the famous Double Eagle for President Roosevelt in 1907. The double eagles that were minted in 1907 until 1933 featured a design that went through several relief reductions, and the addition of the “In God We Trust” motto. Saint-Gaudens Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin was finally able to be released to the public thanks to advancements in minting technology.

Due to the coins tremendous success of the 2009 Ultra High Relief Gold Coin; the Mint Director saw a perfect opportunity to usher in a new era of coinage. This time last year discussions began for the release of a High Relief Gold Coin: the coin would feature a proposed redesign of the Reverse, originally intended for the Silver Eagle’s reverse, and a modern take on Lady Liberty featured on the Obverse.


Member of the United State Mint Artistic Infusion Program, artist Justin Kunz submitted one of the many designs considered for the Obverse depiction of Lady Liberty. His submission shows lady liberty, centered, with a torch clutched in one hand, and an American flag on staff in her other. Kunz design was chosen to be featured on the 2015 High Relief Gold Coin, which would be struck on 1 troy ounce of .9999, fine 24-karat gold. The design will also be featured later this year on a 1-ounce .999 fine American Liberty High Relief Silver Medal.

Shown on the Reverse of the coin is an American eagle mid-flight with an olive branch clutched in it’s talons. The design was created by Artistic Infusion Program artist Paul Balan.

Projected Pricing

Pricing is determined by the Spot Price of gold at the time of the gold coins release, here are the projected prices.

Weekly Average Gold Price (USD)

U.S. Mint Retail Price

$1,000.00 – $1,049.99


$1,050.00 – $1,099.99


$1,100.00 – $1,149.99


$1,150.00 – $1,199.99


$1,200.00 – $1,299.99


$1,250.00 – $1,299.99


$1,300.00 – $1,349.99


$1,350.00 – $1,399.99


$1,400.00 – $1,449.99


$1,450.00 – $1,499.99


$1,500.00 – $1,549.99


$1,550.00 – $1,599.99


$1,600.00 – $1,649.99


$1,650.00 – $1,699.99



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