Getting Started in Numismatics Made Easy

Getting started with your collection or investment doesn’t have to be a daunting task! Considered the “Hobby of Kings”, the practice of collecting rare or historical coins has been considered a hobby for those rich, or able to afford the money-consuming practice. Today, Numismatic coins are so varied that pretty much anyone can invest in the lucrative hobby.

There are multiple facets of Numismatics that can appeal to just about anyone: from the historic value, and significance of a coin or series, to the Precious Metal conent of the coin as an ivnestment–Numismatics has so much to offer!

Here at GMR we have a love for everything Precious Metals, and Numismatic related; and we want to instill the same passion that we have for the practice in our clients. That’s why we’ve made it easy to discover for yourself all the benefits of coin collecting, and investing right here in our Education section. Our blog is filled with up to date information and news concerning the Numismatic community. Here we’ve compiled our lates articles on “Getting Started in Numismatics”

Take a look for yourself, we’ve provided little snippets of each article so you can browse at your own pace, or run threw them all at once.

Step 1

Education: Every Numismatic coin in existence has a story tied to it; maybe there is some interesting facet of history behind the figure featured on the coin; or perhaps there was an aspect of debate behind the coin. In any case you must first learn everything you can about the coin before making a purchase.

Step 2

Picking Your Niche: Like a good book, coins hold more information than just what is suggested by their ‘cover.’

Step 3

Investing in Numismatics Can Be a Wonderful

Investment…For the Patient

When it comes to investing in rare, beautiful coins—one thing to always keep in mind, is that it’s a waiting game. Here at Global Monetary Reserve, we’ve seen every type of investor: the one who want immediate returns, the one who can sit on his investment until retirement, the one that does it for the love of collecting…etc. While you can see return of your investment early on in your purchase, its not the norm, and typically we advise clients to hold on to their investment for 2-5 years before thinking of selling. If one thing can be said about Numismatic investing is that—the longer you wait, the more you’ll make.