Last of the Liberty Set: Buchanan’s Liberty is the Perfect End to a Collection

Part of what makes the Presidential Liberties set, which is in the First Spouse Gold Coin series released by the United States Mint in tandem with the Presidential $1 coins, is the rich history wrapped around each coin. The First Ladies represented in the series have their own personal history represented in the coin, but for those Presidents that served without a spouse such as James Buchanan, who was the only truly bachelor President, Lady Liberty represents them in the series.

And it’s not just any Liberty that sits on the Obverse of the First Spouse coin that corresponds to the “Bachelor” President; the liberty design is from coinage minted during their time in office. Designs that haven’t been minted in more than a hundred years are making a comeback in the Presidential Liberties set! For Buchanan’s Liberty First Spouse Gold Coin the Liberty featured is the Liberty Head featured on the Quarter-Eagle which was issued between 1840 through 1907. Designed by Christian Gobrecht, the Liberty Head design is considered one of the most popular of all the models. Facing left, Liberty is featured from the shoulders up, with her bountiful hair pulled up and tied with a beaded strap. A cornet sits atop her head with the classic inscription of “Liberty.” On the Reverse, the young President is depicted working as bookkeeper in his family’s small country store.

The fourth and final Gold Coin of the Presidential Liberties, Buchanan’s Liberty First Spouse Gold Coin is the perfect ending to the Bachelor set. Whether alone, part of the First Spouse program, or as the final piece to the Liberty set: the Buchanan’s Liberty Gold Coin is a wonderful representation of history, and shows promise as an investment. If you’d like to learn more, call the experts at Global Monetary Reserve at 877-795-9585 today, or visit our E-commerce site by Clicking Here to make an immediate purchase or to see more of our amazing inventory!