British Gold Sovereign Common Date – A Great First Collectible

Are you ready to begin collecting gold coins but just don’t know where to start? British Gold Sovereign common date coins are a wonderful first choice for new collectors. Start now, and you can continue collecting until you have a wide variety of the gold coins to hold, trade or sell. They can teach you to understand numismatics better, too. Here’s what makes collecting sovereigns so fascinating.

Collect More Monarchs

The first British Gold Sovereign common date coin you buy will have a portrait of the monarch that reigned during the time it was minted. Of course, this is true of all British Sovereigns. The interesting part comes in when you begin to collect more of these coins. Each time you place an order for them, you can enjoy the happy anticipation that goes with the mystery of which of the British monarchs will appear on your newly-purchased coin.

Iconic Reverse

If you are at all a fan of British lore, the reverse design of the British sovereign is sure to enchant you. It is a depiction of Saint George slaying a dragon, an image that has made its way into art, literature and the oral tradition of storytelling. It’s easy to feel connected to the larger world when you recognize a story that was told hundreds of years before you were born.


Here is where you begin to learn the science of precious metals investing. Purity – in this case .9167 gold – will become an important factor for you as you continue to learn about investing. The weight, which is .2354 oz. for the British Sovereign, is another important measurement you will need to be aware of as you expand your collection to other coins.

As you begin your investing adventure, you can always call GMRgold’s precious metals investment experts to learn about new collections you might want to start or how to go on to more serious investing. We are always available to help at (877) 795-9585.