A Beloved Commemorative Series: A GMRgold Exclusive

The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Commemorative Series is set to be a favorite gift this Christmas. GMRgold is the only retailer to offer the amazing patriotic collection. Officially released Nov. 11, 2015 the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation and GMRgold partnership was solidified. The collection features silver and copper commemorative coins and bars. The limited stock of CKFF commemoratives are a great option for patriots and coin collectors this Christmas season!

CKFF Commemorative Featured in Coin World

While still fresh from the release, the CKFF Commemorative Series became a popular item in the coin collecting community. It was featured in a Coin World article earlier in the year. Along with the Foundation, GMRgold created the series to help spread awareness for the Foundation’s cause. It is one of rebuilding core family bonds for veterans and first responders after service; ensuring that our nation’s bravest have plenty of support after they’ve served our country.

GMRgold donated a Proof Silver CKFF Commemorative Coin to the Springfield Armory Limited Edition Chris Kyle TRP Operator Auction. Not only did it raise awareness on the Foundation’s behalf, but it raised a whopping $22,500! You can read more about the auction on Springfield Armory’s blog section.

Today being the first day of December reminds the GMRgold team of the upcoming Christmas season One way we can brighten the coin collector’s day is with the the popular patriotic CKFF series. While certain Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Commemoratives are sold out, the Silver and Copper Signature Items are still in stock and available for purchase on GMRgold.com. Each purchase of a commemorative goes towards helping the Foundation’s cause and their unique program of enriching the relationships of our nation’s veterans and first responders.

If you’d like to learn more about this popular series or the partnership with the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, contact a GMRgold representative at (877) 795-9585 today!