Austria 1 Oz Gold Philharmonic Common Date – Collectible Coin or Simple Bullion?

The Austria 1 oz. Gold Philharmonic common date coin features appealing designs on its obverse and reverse. Those who love classical music are drawn to its depictions of orchestral instruments and the home of the Viennese Philharmonic Orchestra. The question may arise, though, whether this .9999 coin is a serious collector’s coin or not. One numismatic factor collectors can consider is how the course of history may affect the coin’s collectability.

Historical Significance

Although the Austria 1 oz. Gold Philharmonic coin pays tribute to the history and institutions of classical music in Vienna, the coin itself has a relatively short history. It was first introduced in 1989 and has been minted regularly since then.

History May Influence Its Rarity

At this point, it is difficult to say whether the coin will be historically significant or not. That depends largely on the fate of the European Union. Since the face value of the 1 oz. Gold Austria Philharmonic is listed as 100 Euro on coins since 2002, these coins might become highly sought after if the rest of Europe follows Britain’s lead in voting to leave the union. The coins with dates before 2002 have the face value of 2000 Austrian Shillings, and it is unlikely that new Philharmonics will ever be issued with that denomination again.

Value for Collectors

The best thing about the Austria 1 oz. Gold Philharmonic common date coin is that, no matter how history affects its value as a collector’s coin, it will always be 1 full troy ounce of .9999 Fine Gold. If you purchase a Gold Philharmonic with the intention of collecting it for its particular year or listed denomination, you can enjoy your numismatic hobby now. Then, if the coin proves less collectible as a coin later on, you still have a fine bullion coin from the respected Austrian mint that will retain its value and protect your assets in the future.

GMRgold Expertise

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