2016 1 Oz. Silver American Eagle – Why Invest in Silver Coins?

The 2016 Silver American Eagle is a beautiful silver version of the famous American Eagle design. This silver investment coin has been minted every year since 1986. Now in its 30th year of production, the coin is still as popular as ever. The American Eagle design is available on many different precious metal coins. However, the 2016 1 Oz. American Eagle silver coin has unique advantages, especially for new bullion investors.

Inexpensive Investment

A silver bullion coin is one of the least expensive investments you can make. It is easy to fit into any budget, and you can vary the number of coins based on how much free money you have each month. Yet, it retains its value very well.

Easy to Identify

The 1 Oz. American Eagle silver coin bears one of the most recognizable designs in American history. This is helpful for new investors who want to buy or sell coins with confidence.

High Liquidity

As easy as the Silver American Eagle 1 Oz. coin is to buy, it is just as easy to sell any time you choose. There is a vast market for these coins and, since the coin is so popular and inexpensive, it is always easy to find others who want to invest in the coin.

Diversified Portfolio

For those who have been investing only in gold, silver is a great addition for diversification purposes. Although gold has always been valuable, it is important to have more than one type of coin to improve the overall stability of your portfolio.

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