2016 1 Oz. Gold Britannia – A Symbol and Article of Strength

The 2016 1 Oz. Gold Britannia represents the strength of Britain that has been shown consistently for many centuries. This .9999 pure gold bullion coin not only bears traditional British images of strength, but owning it can increase financial strength in a changing world.

Strength of Gold

Gold is one of the strongest investments available. It is a stable investment that increases in value over time. It is a physical article you can hold and treasure, inspiring confidence in your own financial strength.

Symbol of Britain’s Historical Power

Britannia, depicted on the obverse of the Gold Britannia 2016 1 Oz. investment coin, is the very image of British strength. Britain’s Navy has always been a strong force in the world. Britannia symbolizes this maritime strength with a trident, first appearing in ancient Greek mythology as Neptune’s symbol of power over the sea. Britannia also holds a shield, and the owl in the design symbolizes wisdom.

Present British Strengths

As Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II has been the ceremonial head of the British government since February 6, 1952. Her image, on the reverse of the 2016 1 Oz. Gold Britannia, is a tribute to this woman whose quiet strength has helped stabilize the world.

The Strength of a Reputable Dealer

As you buy gold coins such as the Gold Britannia bullion coin, the dealer you choose can have a profound impact on your experience. GMRgold is an honorable company that prides itself on providing service and quality that benefits their customers in the best ways possible. To learn more about this amazing product, contact a GMRgold Precious Metals investment expert at 877-795-9585.