2015 1 Oz Gold American Buffalo – Investment Grade Gold with a Historic Design

The 2015 1 oz. Gold American Buffalo coin is a part of a new class of American coins. In the 215 years since the U.S. Mint started producing gold bullion, the Gold Buffalo is its first and only .9999 Fine gold bullion coin, putting it within the realm of investment grade gold. Its historic design offers another bonus for collectors and investors alike.

What Is Investment Grade Gold?

The grade of the coin must be at least 99.9% for it to be considered investment grade gold. The 2015 1 oz. Gold American Buffalo more than qualifies with its fineness of 99.99%. When a coin is considered investment grade precious metal, the risk of investing in it is extremely low for investors. Because of its grade, there is virtually no chance that it will lose its value or fail to gain along with the spot price of gold.

Historic Design

The design of the 2015 Gold American Buffalo is the same as it has been since it was first authorized for production by the Presidential $1 Coin Act signed on December 22, 2005. However, before that, in 1913, the same design was first featured on what is now known as the Indian Head or Buffalo Nickel. The American sculptor who designed it, James Earle Fraser, was once a student of Augustus Saint-Gaudens, the designer of the beautiful Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle.

Fraser’s design is historically significant in one more way. It pays homage to Native Americans who populated America long before Europeans ever saw its shores. It also honors the once nearly extinct American buffalo, which is shown on the reverse of the coin.

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